L Shaped Three Leg Desk Frame

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The L-Shaped TEK02 series has a three-leg configuration for additional space and ergonomic functionality.

The TEK02 frame kit can be supplied as* an add-on piece that fits smoothly with the original TEK01 desk, transforming it into the L-Shaped desk once fully constructed. This corner desk allows the user to extend their desk space, creating a stylish yet functional workspace with easy assembly.

*Notes: Add-on box is just a way to sell it. Most of the TEK02 are still sold as complete TEK02.
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General Features

  • Maximum Load
    • 120 or 150kg
  • Constant Speed (<80Kg)
    • 3 stage column: 40mm/s
    • 2 stage column: 33mm/s
  • Frame Height
    • 3 stage column: 630~1280mm
    • 3 stage column (M): 600~1260mm
    • 3 stage column (S): 560~1220mm
    • 2 stage column: 680~1180mm
  • Frame Width  (Frame width is with 600mm end pipe)
    • Front: 1165~1965mm
    • Side - Long: 1165~1570mm
    • Side - Short: 1045~1370mm
  • Modular design -Easily change the TEK01 rectangular desk frame into the L shaped desk.