Preassembled Desk Frame

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With attention to details and functionality, TEK22 is irreplaceably the most popular model because it meets all the needs for a perfect ergonomic workstation.

It has sturdy steel construction but keeps slim and clean look. It runs fast and smoothly but also quietly and safely - anti-collision is essential so we make it born with it. While enjoying the benefit of sit-stand desk, <0.1W standby power consumption allows you to stay green and also save the bill.

Furthermore, the patented preassembled packaging design can effectively reduce your assembly time on location. It takes only 5 minutes to assemble this frame!
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General Features

  • Maximum Load
    • 100kg
  • Constant Speed (<60Kg)
    • 3 stage column: 38mm/s
    • 2 stage column: 31mm/s
  • Frame Height
    • 3 stage column: 630~1280mm
    • 3 stage column (M): 600~1260mm
    • 3 stage column (S): 560~1220mm
    • 2 stage column: 680~1180mm
  • Frame Width
    • 1050~1700mm
  • Pre-assembled frame kit – Significantly reduces installation time