Face-to-Face Modular Bench Solution
  • The height adjustable desk frame kits is very strong and stable.

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The TEK03 series consists of two independent desks that are linked as one module: two height adjustable frames are connected while facing one another, acting as a well-suited option for open office floorplans.

This electric frame kit solution is very strong and stable, the frame itself is constructed of steel, and each height adjustable frame can lift a maximum load of 120kg.
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General Features

  • Maximum Load
    • 100kg or 120kg (per frame) *It varies upon the lifting column model. 
  • Constant Speed
    • 3 stage column: 40mm/s
    • 2 stage column: 33mm/s
  • Frame Height
    • 3 stage column (TL4, TL4S, TL9, TL10): 630~1280mm
    • 3 stage column (M): 600~1260mm
    • 3 stage column (S): 560~1220mm
    • 2 stage column (TL13, TL13S, TL14, TL15): 680~1180mm
  • Frame Width
    • 1050~1850mm
  • Pre-assembled frame kit (each side) - Significantly reduces installation time. 
  • The complete TEK03 package includes 2 sets of TEK01 package and one set of side beam.