What Is Hot Desking And Why Do You Need It?

Each year there are new trends when it comes to office environments. While hot desking has been around since the 90's, with the advancement in modern technology, it is just now starting to take off. Hot desking is the new trend in companies of all sizes. Hot desking is the practice of allowing employees to select their workstation each day, meaning there are no more dedicated desks. The term comes from the old practice of “hot racking,” where sailors on different shifts would share the same beds.

While traditionally more common in sales environments, where employees may be working remotely or traveling frequently, with the rise in collaborative workspaces, this trend is making its way into different industries.

There are several benefits of hot desking, but below are a few of the most common:

Employee Freedom: One of the best perks of hot desking is the freedom that employees have to choose their own workstation for the day. Depending on the day, you can choose to sit closer to other teammates that you are working on a project with, or you can pick a quiet desk in the corner if you need to focus. Not having a permanent desk also means less clutter, which decreases distractions and can increase productivity.

Adopting New Technology: When adopting hot desking in your work environment, your organization is forced to move to new technology. Since there are no dedicated workstations, employees need to be able to access all their necessary documents, software, etc. from anywhere. This means taking your business to the cloud. Having virtual desktops will allow your employees to work at any desk, or anywhere for that matter, and use any device they choose.

Increase Collaboration: As mentioned above, practicing hot desking can increase collaboration and teamwork in your office.  Giving your employees the ability to work next to the people they are working on a project with has massive benefits for productivity. Also, not being tied to working next to people in your department gives you the ability to form new connections with different people.

This will increase the productivity of each team while also promoting a team environment throughout your office.

To ensure your new hot desking workplace is successful, you must have the correct workstation set-up. If your employees use their laptop as a primary work device, make sure each desk is equipped with two monitors that are easy to plug into. If you are using desktops, make sure each employee has a remote desktop login that is easy to get into.

It seems like a no brainer, but make sure each workstation is ergonomic. Pair a nice, comfortable desk chair with a height adjustable desk that each employee can move to their desired height.

While office trends seem to come and go, hot desking appears like it is here to stay. To learn more about height adjustable desks, take a look at our ergo website.