TWD1: New Bluetooth Dongle for Ergonomic Desk line

The new Bluetooth dongle - TWD1 from TiMOTION can easily be added to any height adjustable desks and allows you to adjust your desk via the mobile App - Stand Up Pls.  The TWD1 has been designed to seamlessly plug into our new desk controls with RJ sockets, including the TDH8, TDH8D, TDH16, TDH5PR, TDH6PR, TDH12P, TDH13P, and TDH9P

TiMOTION designed mobile App - Stand Up Pls with the smart office in mind. Available in Android and iOS, the app allows users to track their sitting to standing ratio, set goals, receive reminders, calculate calorie consumption, and access error code information when applicable. The offline version stores gathered data on the user’s phone. 

Click here to view our video about the Stand Up Pls app.

For more information on the Ergo Motion line, visit our website at www.timotionergo.com