Convertible Covers

Convertible covers are a new concept to decorate your workstation. Adding these convertible covers to your sit-stand desk will make the office aesthetics lively and colorful.

Make colorful changes on your own desk easily by adding the convertible cover to the columns and feet.

Available for TL4 (590mm retracted length).



When special becomes standard

During the lifetime of a sit stand desk you might want to change the layout at the office without spending a fortune on a new desk and accessories. The convertible covers enable the possibility of making colourful changes and reverse when fashion changes again; and again; and again.

What works today does not necessary work tomorrow. By adding the convertible covers to the lowest column and feet of your sit stand desk, the office becomes colorful but stays calm for the eye and stress less for the mind. The convertible covers allow change of mind set at a low cost.