Anti-Collision Sensor

t-touch (TCS1 series) is a new anti-collision solution that TiMOTION developed to enhance workplace safety while still enjoying the comfort brought by height adjustable desks. When the sensor is alerted to objects in the way during operation, it will immediately stop operating in order to prevent collision and harm to the user or desk.


TiMOTION cares about workplace safety, so we have developed t-touch to help minimize the risk for damage to an electric sit-stand desk or the user if the desk accidentally collides with obstacles during operation. This new sensor technology is an innovative hardware-based solution that can detect if a system has collided with an object, fallen out-of-sync with the other legs of the desk, or shifted during operation. If one of these conditions is met, t-touch immediately sends the control box a command to stop and reverse the desk’s operational direction. Compared to a software-based detection system, t-touch is more sensitive, stable, and works independently of the load and temperature.