Special Features

Partnering with the leading ergonomic furniture manufacturers worldwide, we understand the need for constant innovation. In addition to providing reliable electric linear actuators and control systems, TiMOTION strives to develop extra add-on features and accessories to enrich your user experience.

In addition to the convenience of ergonomic furniture, t-touch technology provides enhanced safety features to prevent user injury and equipment damage. To reduce the amount of cables surrounding the workstation, we also offer wireless chargers and cable management solutions. The Bluetooth mobile application is an alternative way to personalize the user’s desk controls, and convertible covers give your interior designer new elements to inspire a unique workspace. TiMOTION is proud to offer continually develop new features and innovations in the future; we strive to continuously offer the most customizable height adjustable solutions to fit all of your needs.

More than just a single product, we provide you with a total solution.