Stand Up and Live

Recent studies have shown that height adjustable work surfaces have significant physical and mental advantages as opposed to traditional, stationary workstations. Standing at work helps to burn more calories, improves blood circulation, reduces muscle stress, sharpens concentration skills and significantly improves productivity overall. 

Employers are beginning to see the benefits of adjustable desks and are starting to support their employees’ health and wellness by offering these height adjustable workstations.  The benefits of these sit-stand desks not only impact the individual employee, but also the overall employer.  Companies typically notice an increase in employee health through a reduced number of sick days and medical insurance claims.  These companies are now beginning to think of these electrically adjustable desks as positive investments due to reducing the financial obligations related to employee wellness. Additionally, because increased amounts of standing throughout a work day can increase concentration and productivity, projects can be completed quickly and efficiently.

In recent years, legislative requirements and employee needs have significantly increased the global demand for height adjustable desk solutions. Initially these requests were satisfied by underwhelming solutions which may have been too expensive, aesthetically displeasing or noisy. 

During this period of time, TiMOTION began developing solutions to answer the growing needs for home, office and industrial ergonomics. In 2013, we debuted our new TEK line of electric height adjustable desk frame kits. Since then, our product line of adjustable desk kits and accessories has grown and expanded, offering a large selection of ergonomic furniture solutions for you to choose from.